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You've made a movie masterpiece, you've screened it locally and even sold some DVDs, what's next? Get your movie seen!! Silver Bullet Pictures will help you sell, distribute and ultimately have your movies seen by thousands of genre fans!  We want you to be part of the Silver Bullet library. As filmmakers ourselves, we have spent 15 years learning how to successfully market films to a huge fan base, we've made the mistakes that all first time filmmakers have made and learned the hard way sometimes!  We want you to have it easier. When your movie is part of the Silver Bullet library, we'll treat it like one of our own because we love movies! We have booths at more than 10 horror film conventions across the US and Canada every year including, Horror Hound, Days of the Dead, Monster Mania, and Cinema Wasteland and will promote your film to more fans than would be possible if you go it alone (like we did in the beginning!) Our long standing relationship with Troma entertainment has allowed us to expand our reach around the world and as the creators of the Tromadance Detroit film festival, we've been able to discover countless exciting films, talented directors and first time film makers. We're constantly discovering new and innovative ways to promote and market independent films. It took us 15 years to get to this point and we want you to have all of this now! We're not making promises of big money, we're promising to give your film the love it deserves and bring your film to audiences that may have never had the chance to see it! Contact us today and let's get your movie seen!


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